Rayence XR 5-The 4-Way Patient Table



 XRCompact and scalable, the XR5 is well  suited for all exam types and imaging environments, especially  orthopedics, imaging centers, and urgent care centers and is compatible  with all Rayence detectors. Enhance both staff workflow and the patient  experience with auto tracking of the vertical wallstand and table Bucky  detector movements. Requiring no special ceiling or electrical  preparation, the XR5 can be installed in rooms just 13 feet wide by 13  feet deep by 8 feet high and 2-8-240VAC line voltage. 

  • 40kW generator with 200 kHU X-ray tube and manual collimator
  • Full Console APR to X-ray generator integration with two-way communication
  • 4-way floating tabletop (550 lb. weight capacity; 32 x 90 in. tabletop dimensions)
  • 16in. minimum floor-to-focus height (58 in. total tube head travel)
  • 14x17 Cesium Iodide wireless detector and Xmaru image acquisition software


Generator Power Output 40kW   Generator kV Range 40-125kV   Generator mA Range 10-500mA   Generator Input Phase/Voltage 1Ф / 208-2300Vac   

Generator Exposure Time Range 6.3s Max.       

Tube Focal Spot Value 0.6-1.5mm   Tube Target Angle 16°  

Tube Target Diameter 74mm   

Tube Anode Heat Content 200kHU   

Tube Cooling Method Natural/Forced Air      

Tube Stand Height 76.3 in   

Tube Stand SID Range 40-72 in   

Tube Stand Vertical Travel 58 in   

Tube Stand Longtitudinal Travel 100 in   

Tube Stand Rotation Range -135° ~ +135° 

Rayence XR5 X-ray System